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How to Fix Problem - counting populated cells in multiple workbooks?

counting populated cells in multiple workbooks

I have 12 workbooks, named Jan,Feb,Mar etc....
each workbook has 31 sheets - 1 for each day of the month
a list of account numbers is entered into column c (c17:c117) for each day of each month for various tracking purposes

column a
column b
column d
column e

acct #




In a separate workbook named "YTD 2013" i have a sheet "Daily referrals" which tracks the number of accounts for each day of each month - columns labeled JAN (cells a1:a31) FEB (b1:b31) and so on for the entire year -

i currently enter these numbers manually into the "Daily referrals" sheet, and use SUM to find the totals of each column







I would like to automate the process - counting the number of accounts entered each day from each monthly workbook, and have that total added to the "daily referrals" sheet

I thank you in advance for any help you could provide


Keys to the Problem counting populated cells in multiple workbooks

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Assumptions made in generating the code below:
  The monthly workbooks are named like JAN.xlsx ...
  All monthly workbooks are in a single folder
  The YTD 2013 workbook will also be in that same folder!
  The 29/30/31 daily sheets in a month's folder will be named simply "1", "2" ...
To test this - create a test folder, copy a set of monthly files into it and place a copy of the YTD workbook with the code below in it into that same folder.  If it all works well, you can move the YTD file into the real-world folder and delete the entire
test folder.
This code goes into a Regular code module, and you can find instructions on getting it from here into one of those in the YTD workbook here:
Be sure your YTD workbook is saved as a macro enabled workbook, type .xlsm (or .xlsb).
There are lots of Const declarations that define how things are set up in the two workbooks.  I think they should be good to go right now, but if your sheet layouts are different than I've imagined, you can simply change those Const values (part to the right
of the = symbol) to match reality and the code will work properly for you.  This also allows you to adapt the code in the future if the layout of the workbooks/worksheets changes.  I've marked them in bold in this posting.
Here is the code:
Sub UpdateDailyReferralsCounts()
  'Change these constants to reflect actual
  'layout and content of your workbooks
  ' the layout of the 'Daily Referrals' sheet
  ' in this workbook
  Const drSheetName = "Daily Referrals"
  'assumed that Feb-Dec are adjacent to each other
  ' i.e., Feb is in C, Dec is in M
  Const janColumn = "B" ' column for January entries
  Const decColumn = "M"
  Const day1Row = 2 ' assumes row 1 has month titles
  Const day31Row = 32 ' 31 days per month
  'these 'define' the layout of the daily sheets
  'in each of the monthly workbooks
  Const acctColumn = "C"
  Const acctFirstDataRow = 2 ' assumes labels in row 1
  'assumed that all monthly files are .xlsx type files
  'so if they are .xlsm or .xls files, just change this constant
  Const monthFileType = ".xlsx"
  'set up to be able to reference the monthly files
  Dim monthlyWBs As Variant
  'set the array contents to the name of the
  '12 monthly workbooks, you can change these if
  'you have them named differently as by month+year
  'this creates an array, monthlyWBs(0 to 11) with filenames in it
  monthlyWBs = Array("JAN", "FEB", "MAR", "APR", "MAY", "JUN", "JUL", _
   "AUG", "SEP", "OCT", "NOV", "DEC")
  'end of user (re)definable information
  'working variables for the process
  Dim basicPath As String ' all files including this on are to be in same folder
  Dim monthlyWB As Workbook   'will reference a monthly Workbook
  Dim monthlyWS As Worksheet  'will reference sheets 1-31 in a monthly Workbook
  Dim acctsRange As Range ' will refer to used cells in column C
  Dim myDRSheet As Worksheet  'will reference [Daily Referrals] sheet
  Dim MLC As Integer ' to loop through the monthlyWBs array
  Dim DLC As Integer ' to loop through sheets 1-31 in monthly workbooks
  Dim anyLastRow As Long
  Dim dayRowPointer As Integer
  Dim monthColPointer As Integer
  basicPath = ThisWorkbook.Path
  'currently we need to add the final / to path, but
  'that may change in the future, so allow for it now.
  If Right(basicPath, 1) <> Application.PathSeparator Then
    basicPath = basicPath & Application.PathSeparator
  End If
  'start by deleting all existing information in the
  'Daily References worksheet!
  Set myDRSheet = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(drSheetName)
  myDRSheet.Range(myDRSheet.Cells(day1Row, janColumn), _
   myDRSheet.Cells(day31Row, decColumn)).ClearContents
  'now ready to refill the data
  Application.ScreenUpdating = False
  For MLC = LBound(monthlyWBs) To UBound(monthlyWBs)
    'set up pointer to proper column on Daily Referrals sheet
    monthColPointer = Range(janColumn & 1).Column + MLC
    Set monthlyWB = Workbooks.Open(basicPath & monthlyWBs(MLC) & monthFileType)
    'set up row pointer for the Daily Referrals sheet
    dayRowPointer = day1Row ' reset/initialize
    For DLC = 1 To 31
      'assumes sheet names in monthly sheets are simply
      'the day of the month, as "1", "2" ...
      On Error Resume Next
      Set monthlyWS = monthlyWB.Worksheets(CStr(DLC))
      If Err = 0 Then
        'the sheet exists, process it
        anyLastRow = monthlyWS.Range(acctColumn & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
        Set acctsRange = monthlyWS.Range(acctColumn & acctFirstDataRow & ":" _
         & acctColumn & anyLastRow)
        'put the daily count onto the daily referrals sheet
        myDRSheet.Cells(dayRowPointer, monthColPointer) = _
        'sheet did not exist (as may not for 28/29/30 day months)
      End If
      On Error GoTo 0
      dayRowPointer = dayRowPointer + 1
    Next ' end DLC loop
    Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    monthlyWB.Close False ' close without saving changes
    Application.DisplayAlerts = True
  Next ' end MLC loop
  'housekeeping and cleanup
  Set myDRSheet = Nothing
  Set acctsRange = Nothing
  Set monthlyWS = Nothing
  Set monthlyWB = Nothing
  'announce job completed
  MsgBox drSheetName & " entries have been updated.", vbOKOnly, "Task Completed"
End Sub

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