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Auto-sizing of merged cells with wrapped text.

Auto-sizing of merged cells with wrapped text.

How do I auto-size a row height so that the text in a set of merged cells containing wrapped text will automatically expand vertically to the required height to display the text?
I have tried Format/Autofit to row height and double-clicking on the bottom margin of the row in the row number column.  Both result in the row resizing to a single line height.  Thus far I am only able to get all of the text to show if I manually drag the
bottom row margin the required distance so that all of the text displays, then save the workbook.
This feature worked in 2003; how does it work in 2007?

Solutions to the Problem Auto-sizing of merged cells with wrapped text.

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I don't think it did work in 2003.
There has always been a problem with wrapped merged cells and autofit.
I have written a macro to do the row height setting when there are wrapped merged cells:

Sub test()
  SetRowHeights ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1")
End Sub
Sub SetRowHeights(Sh As Object)
' sets row heights in sheet Sh.
' Excel doesn't correctly set row height when merged cells have wrapped text
  Dim C As Range, rRow As Range
  Dim sHeight As Single
  Dim sBestHeight As Single
  Dim bUpdate As Boolean
  Dim bHid As Boolean
  Dim iHidCol As Integer
  Dim cSizer As Range
  ' switch off screen updating to speed up the process
  bUpdate = Application.ScreenUpdating
  Application.ScreenUpdating = False
  ' this process is only relevant to worksheets, not chart sheets
  If TypeName(Sh) = "Worksheet" Then
    If IsNull(Sh.UsedRange.WrapText) Or Sh.UsedRange.WrapText Then
      ' text wrapping done in some cells in the sheet
      Workbooks.Add xlWorksheet ' temporary workbook
      Set cSizer = Range("A1")  ' a cell to use as workspace
      For Each rRow In Sh.UsedRange.Rows
        If IsNull(rRow.WrapText) Or rRow.WrapText Then
          ' there are cells on this row with wrapped text
          If Not IsNull(rRow.MergeCells) Then
            ' no merged cells so can use Excel's autofit
            ' row has merged cells and wrapped text
            sBestHeight = 12.75
            For Each C In rRow.Cells
              ' copy the content of the cell to a spare cell in Terms and Autofit there
              If C.Address = C.MergeArea.Range("A1").Address _
                   And C.WrapText And Not C.EntireColumn.Hidden Then
                ' first of a merged cell, or a single cell, with wrapped text
                ' and column not hidden
                ' set the single cell in Terms to match the (merged) cell here
                cSizer.Value = C.Text
                cSizer.Font.Size = C.Font.Size
                cSizer.Font.Bold = C.Font.Bold
                ' Width is measured in Twips and we can find the width of the MergeArea
                ' but we can only set the ColumnWidth which is measured in different units
                ' so scale the Width appropriately
                cSizer.EntireColumn.ColumnWidth = C.MergeArea.Width * cSizer.ColumnWidth / cSizer.Width
                cSizer.WrapText = True
                ' use AutoFit to find the right row height for this cell
                ' get the height
                sHeight = cSizer.RowHeight
                ' if the cell is merged vertically then we need less height than this
                If C.MergeArea.Rows.Count > 1 Then
                  ' adjust height down for later rows
                  sHeight = sHeight - (C.MergeArea.Rows.Count - 1) * (C.Font.Size + 2.75)
                End If
                sHeight = C.Font.Size + 2.75
              End If
              ' take the greatest height for this row so far
              If sHeight > sBestHeight Then sBestHeight = sHeight
            ' if the row isn't the correct height
            If rRow.EntireRow.RowHeight <> sBestHeight Then
              ' set it to the correct height
              rRow.EntireRow.RowHeight = sBestHeight
            End If
          End If
        End If
      ' close the helper workbook
      ActiveWorkbook.Close False
    End If
  End If
  ' restore screenupdating to its previous state
  Application.ScreenUpdating = bUpdate
End Sub

Bill Manville.
Excel MVP, Oxford, England.

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