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[Solved] Bad Pool Header BSOD

Bad Pool Header BSOD

I have started to get regular BSOD with a Bad Pool Header error relating to ntkrnlmp.exe crash dump is below.
I haven't installed anything recently, other than standard windows updates.
I have looked through the dumps but cannot find anything obvious.
I'm not sure how things are normally done on here, but I have also uploaded a mini dum file here:
If anyone has any ideas they would be very welcome!
Many thanks,

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [c:\Windows\Minidump\111812-34991-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available
WARNING: Inaccessible path: 'c:\windows\i386'
Symbol search path is: srv*c:\symbols*
Executable search path is: c:\windows\i386
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 7601.17944.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.120830-0333
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`03608000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`0384c670
Debug session time: Sun Nov 18 00:45:21.716 2012 (UTC + 0:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 2:05:45.964
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *
Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.
BugCheck 19, 20, fffffa8003b169d0, fffffa8003b16a30, 4060016
GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from fffff800038b6100
Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!ExFreeToNPagedLookasideList+1d )
Followup: MachineOwner
0: kd> !analyze -v
*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *
The pool is already corrupt at the time of the current request.
This may or may not be due to the caller.
The internal pool links must be walked to figure out a possible cause of
the problem, and then special pool applied to the suspect tags or the driver
verifier to a suspect driver.
Arg1: 0000000000000020, a pool block header size is corrupt.
Arg2: fffffa8003b169d0, The pool entry we were looking for within the page.
Arg3: fffffa8003b16a30, The next pool entry.
Arg4: 0000000004060016, (reserved)
Debugging Details:

BUGCHECK_STR:  0x19_20
POOL_ADDRESS:  fffffa8003b169d0
PROCESS_NAME:  iexplore.exe
LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from fffff800037b1cae to fffff80003686fc0
fffff880`0c0595c8 fffff800`037b1cae : 00000000`00000019 00000000`00000020 fffffa80`03b169d0 fffffa80`03b16a30 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`0c0595d0 fffff800`0366e0c1 : 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`03c4eb50 fffffa80`78654c46 00000000`00000001 : nt!ExDeferredFreePool+0x12da
fffff880`0c059680 fffff800`0362494a : 00000000`7fffffbb 00000000`00000001 fffffa80`049c9ab8 fffff880`012f5e93 : nt!ExFreeToNPagedLookasideList+0x1d
fffff880`0c0596b0 fffff800`03627865 : fffffa80`049c9aa0 fffff880`0c059b38 00000000`7fffffbb fffff880`0c059b38 : nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x4991f
fffff880`0c059730 fffff880`014d22d3 : fffffa80`04c20df0 fffff880`0c059b00 fffff8a0`03a6dc70 00000000`00000001 : nt!FsRtlFastUnlockSingle+0x85
fffff880`0c0597a0 fffff880`012f144b : fffffa80`04c20df0 fffffa80`03cb9c60 fffff880`0c059b38 fffffa80`09638b30 : Ntfs!NtfsFastUnlockSingle+0x113
fffff880`0c059990 fffff880`012f48ba : fffff880`0c059a60 fffffa80`03cb9bf8 fffffa80`09638b00 fffff880`0c059b00 : fltmgr!FltpPerformFastIoCall+0x43b
fffff880`0c0599f0 fffff880`0131600a : fffff880`0c059b38 00000000`00000000 fffff880`0c059b30 fffffa80`04c20df0 : fltmgr!FltpPassThroughFastIo+0xda
fffff880`0c059a30 fffff800`038f55d0 : fffff880`0c059c00 fffffa80`00000000 fffffa80`03bd8080 fffffa80`09726001 : fltmgr!FltpFastIoUnlockSingle+0x18a
fffff880`0c059ae0 fffff800`03686253 : fffffa80`03c4eb50 00000000`0654e228 fffff880`0c059bc8 00000000`72fc9bc0 : nt!NtUnlockFile+0x19e
fffff880`0c059bb0 00000000`770c2bca : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiSystemServiceCopyEnd+0x13
00000000`0654e208 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : 0x770c2bca

fffff800`0366e0c1 4883c428        add     rsp,28h
SYMBOL_NAME:  nt!ExFreeToNPagedLookasideList+1d
FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner
IMAGE_NAME:  ntkrnlmp.exe
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x19_20_nt!ExFreeToNPagedLookasideList+1d
BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x19_20_nt!ExFreeToNPagedLookasideList+1d
Followup: MachineOwner

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